When riding bikes for 5000km in one go, oiling your chain every 100km becomes more than just a nuisance. Looking for a way to get rid of this chore (and leaky oil spray cans in my luggage) we came across the idea to use the primer bulb of a chainsaw as little finger pump (not our idea). So I sat down and put together a little kit to implement this idea. The result is Oilin' About.

This is a new attempt at an old idea: using a a primer bulb to dispense some oil on the moving chain. Oilin'About is our own version of this concept, which we built because we had a need ourselves. Shipping cost and the cost for the custom part made it more economical to make more than one kit. So here we are.

How much oil does the reservoir take?
The bottle contains up to 100ml of oil, which is about 100 full presses of the oiler bulb.

How often would I need to press the oiler bulb?
If the consumption of other chain oiler systems is anything to go by, pressing the oiler bulb and releasing it slowly once about every 250km should do the trick.

Why would I buy this from you? I can make my own.
Absolutely. The benefit you get from buying this kit is that you don't have to run after the parts and don't have to think about how to mount the slightly awkward-to-fix primer bulb. Additionally, if you consider the shipping cost for all the individual parts - or the effort for getting them - you will likely be cheaper of buying this one (law of scale).

How do I mount this thing on my bike?
We have prepared a series of videos that show how to install the cain oiler.

If videos aren't your thing, or you'd like something to print and take with out, check out the manual for more details.

What is included in the kit?
In the kit you'll receive everything you need to set up this chain oiler. All you need to mount it is an allen key, and some oil to use. The parts included are:

  • 1x Primer Bulb Oil Pump with laser-cut POM mount
  • 2x Handlebar mounting bracket
  • 1x Rubber Strip
  • 1x 100ml HDPE oil bottle
  • 3m 3x6mm PVC tube
  • 40cm 1.5mm steel wire
  • 2x M6x40 screw, washer and lock nut

We don't have an online shop as we're not selling this kit commercially. When we put it together for our own use, we had to produce a few of them due to minimum order quantities.
If you're interested in getting one, please send us an email at order@outandabout.world and we'll get in touch.
The kit costs 20 Euro plus shipping.