Austria: Grossglockner

Posted on 26 Sep 2016

Our last country to cross this summer was Austria. A place synonymous for gorgeous mountains, dramatic scenery and sheer grandeur (Ever been to Vienna? That place's crazy).

Croatia and Slovenia

Posted on 16 Sep 2016

Croatia and Slovenia fell a bit short this time 'round. We only spent two nights in the former, one night in the latter. That which we did see in the short time we were there made us want to come back for more.

Serbia: Novi Sad

Posted on 11 Sep 2016

Serbia was probably the place we knew least what to expect. After a grueling 450km day we arived in Novi Sad, a gorgeous, vibrant city some 100km north of Belgrade. We spent two nights there and it was by no means enough - not just because of the truly incredible craft beer they serve.

Romania: Ploiesti

Posted on 02 Sep 2016

Now that we are more than 1000 km west of Romania again we feel drawn back to its colorful Transylvanian cities, well stocked markets, and at times blast-from-the-past architecture.

Romania: Transfagarasan

Posted on 30 Aug 2016

Transfăgărășan is one of the most iconic (and unpronounceable) roads in the world - especially for motorcyclists. Crossing the Făgărăș part of the Carpathian mountains this patch of tarmac towers some 2000 meters above the sea.

Romania: Transbucegi Pass

Posted on 28 Aug 2016

In preparation for the almighty Transfagarasan we rode the recently blacktopped Transbucegi pass. This one doesn't cross the mountains entirely, so we had to turn around. That only meant we got to enjoy the gorgeous view twice.

Romania: Apuseni

Posted on 24 Aug 2016

After two days of rest (without having to pack and pitch a tent) we're heading back north. Romania has been good to us. It's a beautiful country with a gorgeous landscape, rich history and culture, and filled with nice people.

Carpathian Tatras

Posted on 22 Aug 2016

Our Slovakia post (which contains happy kids and plenty of trees) is a bit delayed as we're too busy enjoying all the great Romanian roads and food coming our way. In the meantime, we'll resort to posting photos of our first contact with the Carpathian Tatras.

Around South-East: Czech Republic

Posted on 18 Aug 2016

Our post-festival ride south towards the Slovakian border

Around South-East: Stuttgart to Jaromer

Posted on 11 Aug 2016

From Stuttgart to Jaromer: 650km later.